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This flash is WAY too slow. It could be drastically improved if you just bumped up the framerate a bit. I only sat through the whole thing to give it a fair score.

Graphics-Sprites. Some badly edited.
Style-It was ok but, once again, FAR too slow.
Sound-Not so good. Normal Mario music, but there was absolutely no transition between the song other than *STOP* (Silence...) *GO*
Violence-None except the Toad thing at the end. If you improved from this flash, that could be fun to watch :D
Interactivity-A preloader (that didn't work right) and a button after the note from Bowser.
Humor-For the Toad part at the end.

It would also be nice if the story was actually in the flash itself. Most people don't read the comments, but luckily I did before I watched this because I would have no idea what was going on otherwise.
Keep working, and good luck in the future!

mario-freak1 responds:

thank you my good friend, i appreciate people like you on this site :)

ill try and get it better next time i submit ;)

Not bad!

Good job. I'd love to see an actual Zelda game where Link moves like that! The transitions were very awkward, however. Try showing him moving across a world map, or walking off-screen and coming back on in a different place. I'm hoping to see the next part, hopefully with a few adjustments.

xderekislamex responds:

Thank you, and the next one will have lots of improvments in it.

Nice work

GRAPHICS-Pretty good, but the background and areas around the characters were blurry/pixeled. Also, make the text MUCH slower. I'm a fast reader, and it was hard for even me to keep up.
STYLE-Very good. Typical MK style. Not the most original, but it fits.
SOUND-Decent, but there were many points where the sound didn't match the fight. Most notably the "bullet time" part.
VIOLENCE-I think this explains itself ;)
INTERACTIVITY-None, as expected. It would be nice to have a preloader though.
HUMOR-It's sort of funny in a sick way when you see how the characters are hurt. Hehehe...

OVERALL-Good work. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!

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This is one of the best flash games I've ever played. Any chance you could make a sequel?

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